About Us

Arizona Waste and Recycling, Home of the Big Red Rolloff, is a locally owned and operated company based in Tucson, AZ. We service both the residential and commercial markets in recycling and waste removal. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to Southern Arizona and we care about our community and our environment. Please let us know how we can assist you or your company.

Why Arizona Waste and Recycling?

We provide:

  • Waste pick up for commercial, industrial, construction, and home clean-up needs
  • Full service recycling center
  • Heavy Hauling with the ability to lift 15 tons
  1. We are locally owned and operated. Tucson is your community and ours.
  2. Our drivers are instructed to get out of their trucks and clean up around the containers if need be. If too large to fit in truck we will contact you directly.
  3. Our drivers report damaged containers (We do not want ugly containers on your property)
  4. Drivers DO NOT MISS…We do not overload routes to ensure reliability.
  5. We are always auditing your site(s) to ensure the correct level of service.
  6. We stress recycling and the importance of lessening our carbon footprint.
  7. Single point of contact (Call, Text or Email 1 person for questions and help)
  8. We are NOT your vendor, we are your PARTNER.While onsite we are your eyes and ears, keeping you aware of any issues as we understand you cannot be in all places at once.
  9. Correct service for each property. We are always looking for better ways to service our partners. Larger containers, more frequent picks and also lowering the service if we feel we are over servicing. This helps you to work on other tasks.
  10. We care; we are the only provider that has a vested interest in keeping your properties clean. When your property looks good, that reflects upon us as well. When your property looks dirty because of us, it poorly on both of us.

EXTRA: We simplify our billing and do not add fee’s for environmental services, fuel, administration, relocation, removal, “refresh” and any other fee’s the national chains choose to add at any given point. We also DO NOT raise our rates unless we come to you 1st explaining why there has been a change.

We are BIG enough to serve, SMALL enough to care!

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